Nadia treated my horse Gem, in a yard Ballito, KZN. I could often not be present at the treatment yet trusted Nadia completely that my horse was being assessed and treated completely. Nadia gave 100 % and was the one person who picked up on the fact that my saddle was not fitting correctly thus resulting in many negatives. Sadly, Nadia relocated but what is my loss is someone else’s gain. She is a credit to anybody who makes use of her vast knowledge and genuine love for horses.

Nadia has treated horses at Simbithi Stables regularly overall the passed 6 months and we have seen really good results from their therapy. She is thorough in her assessment of the horse and takes time to get a complete history before starting work. She always makes a follow up call after a treatment to check how the horse is doing. Nadia offers a complete and most professional service and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

My horse Scandex was recently treated by Nadia and I cannot express enough how happy I am with the results thus far. Scandex has reminded me once again of just how explosively impulsive he is in every movement. He has felt very powerful and supple and he is willing to work through his body happily, with more stamina. This has been a great revelation as he is a younger horse. Nadia undoubtedly loves what she does and it shows with Scandex’s results. She is very open minded and willing to answer any and every question with kindness. She’s incredibly loving towards the horses that she works with and works accordingly to each horse and never allows the horse to be uncomfortable. I’m very grateful and cannot wait for Nadia to see Scandex again. I’m pretty sure he can’t wait either.

Nadia’s original assessment consultation on Bugatti  was what impressed me first. She took her time finding out more about him, what I did with him,  his history, watched him move and examined him from nose to tail.  Her knowledge of horsemanship coupled with her expertise in methods of equine therapy has a fabulous and instant effect on the horse. She worked on a few horses in our yard and we all noted a positive difference. From severe rehabilitation to general maintenance-I’m delighted to have her back in KZN


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